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Dena Flanagan, Tested & Certified Psychic & Medium


Email: . Telephone number:  207-752-1399. Skype: drflanagan11

Are you a tested and certified practitioner?  Yes.

Name of organization that which tested you and certified you: American Federation of Certified Psychics and Mediums.

Areas of expertise, practice and disciplines:  Talking to passed on loved ones, past, present, future love, career, health, soul stuff, past lives, spirituality, removing blockages, getting you on your true path, healing/Reiki Master, Teacher

Describe briefly your very special psychic talents:  I can talk to your passed on loved ones and bring through messages. I do deep soul readings that can go in and identify what is holding you back from your true path, I can see your past, present and future as well as see your past lives. I do deep soul healings to remove blockages and stuck energy that we hold, and I teach classes and hold seminars.

 Are your psychic gifts inherited by birth (A natural gift), or taught?  I was born with this ability and it does run in the family, I have a whole lineage that I know about back to a great, great grandmother that read tea leaves.  I have many family members who do have this ability of some form or another.  I always knew what people were thinking and feeling and saw their futures and about 25 years ago decided to develop it even further so I studied as much as I could get my hands on and just drank it right up, it has always fascinated me.  I have been reading and healing professionally for over 25 years.

 Have you received a formal psychic training?  I have taken many classes and studied many things to do with the metaphysical over the past 25 years to include: learning to read the tarot, psychic development, reiki, palmistry, numerology, psychometry, tea leaf readings, past life regressions, shamanic journeying, tapping, working with your chakras, auras, runes, angel energy, spirit guides, automatic writing, astrology, crystals and crystal healing, soul healing, pendulum, animal totems, releasing energy blocks, protection excercises, muscle testing, visualization and manifestation, power of positive thinking, meditation, affirmations, dream interpretation, working with the ascended masters, labyrnth, scrying (crystal ball reading), casting stones, bringing your intuitive thoughts to canvas, drawing your spirit guides, madalas, eye iridology, channeling, chanting, animal communication, aromatherapy and many more.

 Where? Who taught you? For how long?  I took all of these classes locally over the years, I live in a very spiritual community with lots of classes to choose from.

 Teaching, counseling and training: (Do you teach? Do you train? Do you counsel? Do you give seminar? Ihave been teaching all of the above (formal psychic training paragraph) for 25 years which includes training other people to develop their psychic abilities and to live in the light and love to use it out in the world.  I do give seminars, I have put on psychic fairs where I have done seminars as well as at other psychic fairs and charity organizations. Certifications:  I am a certified Reiki Master, Psychic & Medium.

 Listed or Featured in:  I am listed in the Portsmouth Magazine Oct. 04' and many local newspapers over the years as well as on Psychics Gone Wild (internet).

Radio Appearances:  I used to read on the local radio station here and I now read on Blog Talk Radio "Psychics Gone Wild" show.


Medium Readings $55.00 1/2 hour $100.00 hour

Psychic Readings $55.00 1/2 hour $100.00 hour

Healings (in person and distant) $50.00 1/2 hour $85.00 hour

Classes to be determined

Parties: Yes, I do parties of 4 or more

 Refund Policy:  If you are not 100% satisfied, I will do a full refund

 Success Ratio: Over the years of doing these readings I have many repeat clients and they report back that I have about a 95% success rate and the 5% that may not be is because we all have free will and make our own choices.

 Describe your rapport with clients:  Everybody leaves happy and lighter and always want to give me a hug, so that is a good sign because I am a huge hugger.  They tell me how much I have helped them and gave them clarity or peace of mind.  I love people and love to help and that is my main mission.  I also do a lot of charity/volunteer work so my goal is to help as many people as I can to become lighter and full of love so they may go out into the world and touch other people’s lives. 


Dena is a very gifted psychic & medium helping and healing the community and world for the past 25 plus years.  Dena was born with these special gifts, she has the ability to hear (clairaudient), see (clairvoyant), feel (clairsentient), knowing (clear cognizant) and is empathic, she also can talk to and see your passed on loved ones (medium) to bring you your messages.  She talks with your spirit guides to see what messages you need to hear so you may continue on your true path and if you have gotten off of it she will help you get back on it.  Dena is known for extremely accurate, to the point readings.  She has read all walks of life from all over the country to include the rich and famous.  Dena has put on many psychic fairs & seminars and has read on the radio as well as on cruise ships. She has been teaching classes for many years and healing people from all over.  She has worked with many people with ailments to include diseases and illnesses or just removing blockages ( blockages are from fear and things that have happened to you over time) so you can move forward with your life without it feeling like a constant struggle. Dena is here to bring light and love to the world through her work so you may live a life full of happiness, inner peace, lightness, clarity and direction to walk on your true path because when you walk on your true path that is when you will feel all of these great feelings of growth.


I was going through some really rough times with my ex-husband because we shared children and had to keep in contact so I went to have a reading with Dena and she gave me some advice from my guides that showed me such clarity on what I had to change and I took the advice and now the dynamic of the relationship has shifted and we all get along.  Her advice was worth more than a million dollars worth of therapy (which I had been going to for several years).  I will never forget all that she did for our family. Susan 07'

I was driving around one day and drove by Dena's place and decided to go in and she just happened to be there (she is usually busy in a reading) and had some free time.  I asked her if she could read me and she said yes, she took me right in.  The reading was amazingly beautiful!  What she did not know was that I was going to take my life that day and her beautiful love and guidance gave me the hope to go on.  Margarie 09'

I had lost my dad that I was extremely close to and we did not get a chance to talk our peace before he passed.  We had a disagreement before he passed and he went quick (unexpected).  I called Dena for a reading and she channeled him through and we were able to talk and clear the air, I feel so much better and no longer hold that guilt.  She was able to bring through messages from my dad that only I knew.  I will be forever grateful for that reading and having Dena enter my life.   Joy 11'

Hi Dena, I don't know if you remember me (I am sure you meet so many people!) but you read for me this past weekend at the New Life Expo in NYC.  (I had a very weird spread when I queried about future employment opportunity.) When I first arrived at the expo, I was kind of put off by the mass commercialism of what to me, is a very sacred and spiritual community (hence my initial reticence to give you my e-mail when signing up for my reading).  I feel strongly though that you were by far the strong light in that place.  I would even say that spirit put you right there for people who were drawn to the Expo for its ideals, with you being the only clear, honest and pure heart there. In the several years since my Grandmother (who I was very close to) passed, she has not come to me in dreams (that I remember--and I am very clear remembering my dreams).  In the past three nights though, every night prior to your reading with me, my Grandmother has been prominent in my dreams (although I did not understand her messge). When I sat down with you, you brought her through immediatley.  What you said also greatly clarified for me what her intent has been in coming to me through my dreams.  I knew as soon as you brought her through that you'd made the connection by what you were saying, and for that, I cannot express enough my immense gratitude.  And the hug you gave me when we finished was so true and loving, it greatly lifted me. Thank you again so much for everything, I am certain that I was directed by spirit to the expo purely to connect with you. All very best, Stacey 12'

I had lost my best friend at sea and I was with him and had to watch him die as the waves were pulling him under after our boat capsized.  I tried to save him and could not.  This happened 9 years ago and I have never been able to come to grips with it and I blamed myself and miss him.  I came to Dena for a reading and he came through right away and with all that he had to say to me, I was able to finally face it and know that it was not my fault and now I can begin my healing process thanks to Dena.  She is truly a gift from the heavens.  Jim 13'

I have had the honor and privilege of working with Dena for two years now.  She is an amazingly clear and gifted being who has helped me tremendously to navigate through the many ups and downs of my journey.  The guidance that I have been given has brought many gifts and much inner personal growth.  I have been given enormous insight into myself, while also being given the incredible opportunity to release that which no longer serves me in my own timing and readiness.  I trust her wholeheartedly and highly recommend her expertise as a psychic/medium and healer to all. Elizabeth 13'