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Telephone: 302.345.0575

 Living beyond the five senses has always been a part of how  Angela Bixby sees and approaches the world. She is a Certified Intuitive Consultant and Certified Psychic Medium through the Holistic Studies Institute in NYC, which has deepened her natural intuitive abilities that she gained at a young age. Angela offers healing and guidance to your questions by bridging angelic & spirit realms, dreamtime, energetic fields and our own physical world. Angela is a Certified Reiki Master and has trained with numerous Energy Alchemists. Her passion is helping people to trust their own intuition by offering insight into past, present and future events. A gifted healer and reader, she has worked with hundreds of clients and looks forward to working with you! Angela holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Minnesota and formerly worked in healthcare. She is the mother of two spirited, young men in Wilmington, Delaware.

 Services and Rates:

  • Services and Rates:
  • Psychic Medium Reading/Intuitive Consulting Session: $180 per hour, $100 per ½ hour.
  • Angela conducts a reading/session employing helping spirits of hers and yours.  Angela is able to look at the energy of past, present or future situations.  She is also able to access and connect with the energies of those living and those who have passed on.  Bring your specific desires and life’s burning questions to Angela, she’ll offer you spirited guidance.  Five questions are recommended for a ½ hour session and ten for an hour.  While we may not get to all of the questions, they’ll serve as a map for the session.  Clients have reported accuracy rates in the range of 85-100%.
  • Calibration: $110 
  • Considered a ‘well visit’ for our energetic body or a ‘tune up’ of sorts. The first half of the service is you, clothed, on a treatment table while Angela balances your chakra and auric systems. Each chakra tells a story and so the second half of the session will be a sharing of what stories your subtle energy body had to share. Angela is a Certified Reiki Master and has studied with numerous, internationally renowned teachers in alternative energy modalities. She will work with your energetic body as is warranted and as is in your highest interests. Light touch may be employed. Clients report feeling more complete, lighter, balanced and more energized after Angela has worked with them!

Questions and Answers:

 How do you do this? What are your gifts?

I’ve always been a strong dreamer and sensitive in ways that I came to more fully understand, as an adult.  Through focus and formal training I’ve learned that I am strongly clairvoyant (clear seeing), claircognizant (clear knowing), clairaudient (clear hearing) as well as extremely empathic. As am empath, I experience and filter peoples’ emotions.  Prior to our session, I set an intention of connecting our helping spirits and bringing through information for the highest good of all parties involved. 

How can I best prepare for a session? Setting an intention is the best preparation. Do you desire clarity? Peace from the session? Do you hope to feel grounded and resolved? Give yourself a few moments to clarify this.

It is important to arrive in a grounded state and with an open mind. Many people will say a prayer, meditate, exercise, rest or do some deep breathing before a session. Anything that brings you into the present, into your body and clears your mind will work. Whatever it may be, that aids you to feel most grounded. Trust that the best answers will be brought through for you and your highest good.

Is there any follow up for me to do?

Often clients will journal and reflect, or choose to take action on something, as a result of the session. This is very individual and personal. Work with the information that comes through in whatever ways feel best to you. Sometimes Angela will suggest homework!

Are you religiously affiliated?

No. This work is pan-religious and non-denominational. All beliefs are respected.

Are you a licensed mental health professional?

No. I am neither a therapist nor a physician. Please seek out appropriate, licensed healthcare professionals for these services.

Do you record the session?

I do not. You are welcome to record our session electronically or take notes.

Can I bring someone into the session with me?

No. I work individually with the energy of the client. An exception to this is that a parent may be present with a minor child.